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Stormy Weather - 4 storms affected this month

In the month of February, we had 4 storms that directly affected our operators in both good and bad ways. Storm Malik and Corrie hit at the tail end of January with high winds and disruption at the start of February while Eunice and Franklin hit in the second half of February.

Storms like Eunice caused red weather warnings when they hit the UK which means it is likely to cause damage. Red weather warnings also mean that people are warned not to travel.

As drone operators, we don’t want stormy weather because we can’t fly our drones but it does generate income… Roof Inspection quotes often come in after a storm as storms often knock roof tiles off and create leaks that weren’t there before.

February Newsletter

Looks like Events are back on fully for 2022

On the 21st of February, Boris Johnson announced plans to get rid of all Covid-19 restrictions like the covid passes and covid tests. This move means that everyone will finally be able to go to events like they have been able to pre-covid. The removal of all restrictions should mean that events are all back to normal for 2022 and more people will start planning events again. 

The majority of people who either had a wedding planned for 2020/2021 or got engaged in those years have decided to delay their weddings for when the world goes back to normal. For drone pilots, this means that more Drone Photography jobs should be coming in soon because people will start confirming dates and venues for their weddings

This means that there should be more jobs for our operators in the coming months as more and more events will hopefully be getting planned. Previously, Event organisers hired our operators for showreels, pictures and crowd monitoring.

Events such as Festivals and smaller gatherings such as town fares use drone pilots for Crowd monitoring, Videos and photos so that they can promote their events in the future

What have our operators been doing this February 

This month our members have been busy doing roof inspections, trying to find leaks and reporting damage to property owners. Many of our operators have also been busy helping each other on bigger jobs that may require a spotter or anything that requires two people. Despite Covid-19 rules being in place for the majority of February, some of our members got the opportunity to work on some big jobs abroad.

February Newsletter


DJI had a Valentine's sale for multiple products in February including the DJI FPV Combo which was £999 which was £250 off the original RRP, DJI Action 2 Power combo and DJI action 2 Dual-Screen Combo which were £30+ off.

The DJI Ronin 4Ds landed in DSS before most UK DJI retailers and we sold many on the first day we got them. So far, we had amazing feedback from everyone that has bought them through us!

February has been a very good month for the store with it being the shortest month of the year!

Thank you for your continued support at Drone Safe Register and Drone Safe Store


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