Discover How To Hire a Commercial Pilot For UK Drone Services

Thanks to Drone Safe Register, there are hundreds of commercial drone operators across the country offering a wide range of professional drone services.

When you start searching for UK drone services, it can be quite confusing. Did you know that there are dozens of applications for drones that are used by hundreds of different companies?

Discover the most popular drone services in the UK and how to hire a professional drone operator to complete the job.

UK Drone Services

Popular UK Drone Services

Utilising drone services is becoming more and more popular in the UK, thanks to their affordability and unique benefits.

Drone Services - TV & Film

When you think of drones, your mind probably goes straight to their aerial photography and aerial videography capabilities. 

With popular television programmes like ‘The Handmaids Tale’ utilising aerial videography to add a unique cinematic quality at a more affordable price, it wasn’t long before British production companies started doing the same. 

Drone Safe Register approved pilots have worked on British shows such as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and more recently, the latest series of The Apprentice.

UK Drone Services

Drone Services - FPV Drone Filming

Flying FPV is an incredibly unique, specialised skill and we’re proud to represent some of the most exciting businesses offering this service.

FPV filming uses acrobatic shots to dynamically capture high-resolution, cinematic footage. This adrenaline-fuelled filming technique is perfect for capturing fast-paced footage indoors and out. 

Drone Safe Registers network of pilots often complete FPV filming for businesses for marketing material. Golf courses, bowling alleys and car dealerships have all benefited from FPV drone flying. 

Drone Services - Aerial Roof Inspections

Using a high-resolution drone camera to capture aerial data on roofs seems like a no brainer, right? Using a drone for roof inspections provides far more advantages than more traditional methods.

Using a drone for aerial roof inspections allows for a vivid compilation of condition reporting and safe, efficient and affordable access to difficult to reach areas. Customers can save up to 70% when compared to traditional scaffolding methods. 

Drone Safe Register members complete hundreds of roof inspections a year, with many offering specialised services and packages specifically for aerial roof inspections.

UK Drone Services

Hire a Drone Pilot For UK Drone Services

Drone Safe Register is the trusted drone operator for hire platform and has been supplying professional aerial imagery to customers for over half a decade. We pride ourselves in our ability to put you in touch with the best drone operators available in the UK.

Hiring a drone operator is easy with our instant quote system. Simply enter your postcode, select the job type you’d like completed and choose the date you’d like completed. Then select how many quotes you’d like to receive, contact information and any extra details you think are relevant.

Your closest drone operators will soon be in contact with you and will provide a detailed quote for you to consider.

When it comes to choosing the right drone operator, you can be reassured that all of our pilots are fully insured and fully qualified to complete your aerial operation. Don’t forget that some drone pilots specialise in a specific area - don’t be afraid to examine an operators profile!

UK Drone Services


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