Find Out How To Get FREE Instant Quotes From CAA Approved Drone Operators

So, you want to hire a drone operator. Congratulations! You’ve found yourself on the UK’s leading platform for hiring a professional, commercial drone operator.

Drone Safe Register is the UK’s trusted website for hiring a commercial drone operator because we make finding a reliable drone operator super simple.

Discover how to make the most of Drone Safe Register’s innovative instant quote system and how to choose a commercial drone operator.

Instant Quotes From Drone Operators

The instant quote system from Drone Safe Register guarantees you a super-fast quote from a professional drone operator in your area. 

Because of the high quality of the pilots in our network, our operators can complete your aerial work in as little as 48 hours - in the right circumstances! 

Our instant quote system excels at quickly and efficiently connecting you with the best drone operators in the business. 

Unlike other operators for hire sites, you can enquire with confidence knowing you're dealing with the best drone businesses the UK has to offer.

Instant Drone Service Quote

How To Use The Drone Safe Register Instant Quote System

Getting started using our instant quote form is as simple as popping in your postcode!

From there, an intuitive map will pop up, allowing you to select an area of land in which you’d like the work completed. Whilst this is completely optional, it does allow our pilots to provide you with a far more accurate and detailed quote.

Next, it’s your responsibility to select the aerial service that you're looking for. There are lots of different categories and options for you to choose from, just pick the one that you think is most relevant.

When it comes to picking an optimum date for your job, putting the soonest date you need to carry out the service is always best. Genuine commercial pilots need time to plan flights and tick all the appropriate legal boxes.

Now you need to select how many quotes you’d like. Naturally, there are more professional pilots in some areas than others. Because of this, we allow you to choose how many quotes you would like. You can select up to four. These four will be the most local pilots to the location of the quote.

Contact details please! Providing us with a working email address is the best way for our pilots to contact you. Don’t forget to check your spam folder. It’s vital to add an active mobile number so that our pilots can call or text you with information.

Providing additional information is vital to help our pilots provide you with an accurate quote. Be sure to include to as much relevant information as possible, in particular the filming environment and anything that seems difficult to achieve.

Once the form has been completed, it’s time to send the quote! If this is your first instant quote, you will need to verify your email address.

It’s important to remember that our professional pilots are local, independent businesses. Please support them in whatever way you can and allow them time to provide you with aerial quotes.

Instant Drone Service Quote

Drone Safe Register Instant Quotes For Businesses

The processes for hiring a drone operator as a business is exactly the same! Our instant quote form works for members of the public as well as businesses looking to hire a  drone operator.

However, when it comes to providing additional information, it’s more important to add specific details in regards to deliverables. Are you looking for a specific format, a specific style, a certain drone?

If you would like to deal with a certain business from Drone Safe Register, please contact them directly via the commercial drone operator map! From here, you can examine your local pilots after you’ve entered your postcode!


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