Discover the applications of drones at funerals and how drones can be utilised as a part of the healing process.

Losing a loved one is always a  challenging time for friends, family, and communities. With the changes to how memorial services are coordinated since the impact of the pandemic, organisers have had to adapt. 

Funeral organisers turned to the many applications of drones to assist in the process of grieving and helping connect families despite restrictions.

Using a Drone For Livestreaming a Funeral

Taking the time to grieve and participate in a memorial service has proven to be an important part of the healing process and moving forward. Sadly, due to the everchanging travel restrictions which have frequently taken place since the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s getting harder and harder to participate in this process. 

With families often being spread over multiple countries, there needs to be a solution allowing for friends and relatives to participate in the grieving process and reflect on a time that has been hard on everyone.  

Fortunately, funeral directors and their network of service providers have adapted their capabilities to allow for the service to be live-streamed. As a part of this service, directors can invite participants to the event which is generally completed via Zoom. 

When it comes to capturing this footage, we have a highly capable network of drone and camera professionals who are able to effectively capture the service. With the combination of our operator's aerial expertise and their superb video abilities, our professionals can ensure you don’t miss out on this essential step in the grieving process. 

By utilising impressive drone technology at a funeral, our pilots can capture breathtaking imagery covering the entire event. This is particularly useful for services in natural surroundings and backgrounds. This footage can be streamed live to people across the world and will help those who can’t attend feel closer to their loved ones.

Using a Drone For an Online Memorial

You may be wondering just what an online memorial is. Well, the internet has many options for memorialising a loved one. Essentially, an online memorial is a created environment where family, friends and other loved ones can honour and remember those who have sadly passed. 

An online memorial provides the platform to showcase images and videos from across the deceased's life. This can also include important music, virtual flowers and more. 

It’s often common to hire a drone operator to capture aerial footage of deceased family members favourite places. These can be favourite holiday destinations, favourite walks and favourite locations. 

Capturing this footage provides a unique and dynamic way of remembering your loved ones best-loved locations.

Using a Drone to Scatter Ashes

Using a drone to scatter ashes provides access to beautiful and memorable locations that simply wouldn’t be accessible without innovative drone technology. 

Drones offer a unique, cost effective solution for providing a smooth and sensitive scattering of a loved one. Whether your loved ones final resting place is over the sea or on land, drones offer the ultimate dignified solution. 

Each drone can fly and disperse the ashes of one person and utlises a unique payload delivery service to carry and release the ashes.

How to Hire a Drone Pilot

Drone Safe Register make it as easy as we can to hire a drone operator for a funeral. We understand how diffiuclt it can be to carry out funeral arrangements. That’s why we offer a number of efficient ways for you to recieve quotes from our professionals. 

The simplest way of gaining quotes is by using our instant quote form. This form will ask you a number of questions to allow our pilots to provide you with an accurate quote first time round. 

Alternatively, due to the nature of the enquiry, we understand the need for privacy. That’s why you can contact us directly with your enquiry and we can take the necessary steps to provide you with a quote.


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