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Welcome to the official Drone Safe Register November Newsletter!

This month we've been busy building an updated version of Drone Safe Store, shipping Mavic 3's and promoting the benefits of drone operations, whilst keeping up with CAA OP ID changes. 

Okay, it's freezing. This month saw snow, sleet and a LOT of rain!

Drone Safe Register members have kept busy this month by updating their profiles, grabbing new Operator ID stickers and taking part in our private photography competition.

The Drone Safe team have been busy this month with the launch of Drone Safe Store V2 with Tom Boyt at the helm of his very first product launch!

Fun fact - this is the 13th Drone Safe Register newsletter!

New Operator ID's:

This month, the CAA announced the changes they have made to the format of Operator ID's. 

This new Operator ID utilises a new 12 character alphanumeric format. 

Thanks to this new change from the CAA there are 4,738,381,338,321,620,000 different combinations available…

You can purchase branded and updated Operator ID stickers within your Drone Safe Register member’s dashboard.

Remember that you need to update your Operator ID number on your Drone Safe Register profile!

Drone Safe Register November 2021 Newsletter

Prepare Your Marketing Material

Don't forget about your professionally designed social media templates! 

Our expert in-house graphic designer has crafted these templates to provide Drone Safe Register members with high-quality marketing material to help them secure more aerial operations. 

We're working on crafting new templates for next year, so stay tuned! 

Drone Safe Register November 2021 Newsletter

Promoting The Use of Drones

We know that the public perception of drones isn't great.

That's why we work hard to advertise and promote the benefits of aerial operations.

What are the other benefits of hiring a drone operator? 

Purchase Glasgow Based Aerial Stock Footage:

Did you know that Glasgow is the world's friendliest city?

Me neither!

Glasgow is however home to a number of stunning aerial sites!

Drone Safe Specialist Services:

We're much more than just a drone company!

We also offer Steadicam services on our intuitive platform.

If you're a member, why not advertise these additional services?

Private Network Photo Competition

This month we've hosted an extraordinary photo competition within our exclusive private network group.

A massive congratulations to Adrian Mcdowell for winning the cover photo competition.

What a picture!

Drone Safe Register November 2021 Newsletter

Drone Safe Store

The Mavic 3 has officially arrived at Drone Safe Store!

Alongside an exciting new lick of paint for the store and the implementation of Klarna!

This has been a very exciting, first major project for Tom Boyt, the new manager of Drone Safe Store.

Drone Safe Register November 2021 Newsletter

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Discover the must-know UK drone laws direct from the CAA drone code.

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Learn how to make a job-winning aerial drone showreel in 2021.

Thank you for your continued support across Drone Safe Register & Drone Safe Store.


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