How To Make a Job-Winning Aerial Drone Showreel in 2021

If you want to boost your opportunities for drone work and secure more aerial work, showcase your aerial drone skills by building an impressive drone showreel for your commercial drone business.

Why Do I Need a Drone Showreel?

We live in a world where video and innovation rule. From its 500 million users, Facebook receives over 8 billion daily video views on average.

Forbes reports that 59 per cent of executives would rather watch a video than read text. YouTube is used by over a billion people!

That amounts to about a third of all Internet users. Hundreds of millions of hours of online video content is watched every day.

That’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your aerial content!

Video showreels for drone pilots and companies need to wow! This is because they want to attract a customer who wants their film to have stunning imagery.

Based on a shot your potential customer sees in your showreel, you might generate inspiration. The imagery immediately conveys to your buyer that your final product will have been expertly made.

Make a Drone Showreel 2021

How Do I Make a Drone Showreel?

You may have no trouble at all producing high-quality aerial content, but transforming your aerial expertise into a stunning showreel can be an enormous challenge.

There are a number of barriers such as technical skills and equipment expenses that make it difficult to craft a top-end video.

Sticking to a few basic, fundamental rules can make all the difference when it comes to building a drone showreel which amazes potential customers and makes other drone pilots jealous!

Drone Safe Register is proud to represent some of the very best drone pilots in the UK (and now the World!). If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of our members on the UK’s drone operator for hire map to browse our operator’s showreels.

Our Top Drone Showreel Tips:

Communication is Key

What are you trying to achieve with your drone showreel? Your showreel is a way of communicating your skills and services to potential customers so you need to understand what sets you apart from the competition. You must deliver this point quickly and succinctly. Your message could be as straightforward as stating who you are, what you do, and how to reach you.

Length Is Important

Keep it short. Viewers like to be entertained and engaged by video content, so you need to make the most out of as little time you have. A show reel's purpose is to help you sell yourself and your abilities. It may not work to its full potential if you add anything other than your best pieces. A fantastic one-minute showreel will far outperform a mediocre three-minute one.

Cinematic Sells

Slow-motion is more cinematic and might give the idea that you're shooting from a higher altitude, such as a helicopter. Slow cinematic establishing shots are effective. This raises the production value of the shot and gives it a more controlled and polished appearance. Any camera shake should be avoided.

Building an impressive for your Drone Safe Register Profile will help you secure more commercial aerial operations.


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