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5 09, 2019

Will Drone Deliveries Ever Take Off?

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Drone DeliveriesHome deliveries have skyrocketed in recent years. Fuelled by online shopping, the collapse of the high street and our increasingly busy lives, we now have everything from clothes to groceries delivered on a daily basis. A study by analysts Mintel claims that 49% of UK consumers did their grocery shopping online in 2018. But is there really a need for deliveries by drone, and what could this mean for the wider drone industry?The general public have a growing expectation that unmanned aircraft will be delivering their pizzas and weekly shopping in the near future. Drone [...]

13 04, 2019

How soon will we have drone deliveries ?

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How soon will we have drone deliveries ?When you mentioned drones, one of the subjects that always come up is the possibility of drone deliveries and how realistic are they. It’s fun to imagine that a drone will drop your Friday night pizza to your doorstep but will it ever happen? In fact, the science-fictionesque sight of the sky buzzing with package carrying drones might become reality sooner than you think with large organisations such as Amazon and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) investing some serious resources into bringing the idea to life. There was a recent news re [...]

21 01, 2019

Drone Deliveries – Not Just for Pizzas

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Deliveries via DronesIf you tell someone you are a drone pilot, you will often be asked about the potential of UAVs to carry out deliveries (usually pizza, proving that the UK is indeed a nation that loves its food!).Regular headlines appear with multinational companies promising drone deliveries of the goods we order online.  Not that these aren’t both laudable goals – we are increasingly time pressed and the idea of fast and responsive deliveries is certainly attractive.However, drones can drop more than your latest Amazon order, and are already carrying out lifesaving wor [...]