Deliveries via Drones

If you tell someone you are a drone pilot, you will often be asked about the potential of UAVs to carry out deliveries (usually pizza, proving that the UK is indeed a nation that loves its food!).

Regular headlines appear with multinational companies promising drone deliveries of the goods we order online.  Not that these aren’t both laudable goals – we are increasingly time pressed and the idea of fast and responsive deliveries is certainly attractive.

However, drones can drop more than your latest Amazon order, and are already carrying out lifesaving work dropping medical supplies into remote locations.

Zipline International are one of a growing number of organisations using remote piloted craft to drop essential and life saving supplies into clinics and hospitals in areas otherwise inaccessible by land.  From medicine to blood and vaccines – these essential supplies are being delivered to some of the two billion people who are in desperate need due to difficult terrain and lack of infrastructure.

Health workers in these remote locations can text their supply needs to a central distribution centre where their order is packed and dispatched via drone and delivered via parachute drop into a designated zone that can be small as just a few metres square. An exceptional drone based innovation that is having a very real impact on the communities it serves.

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