What is drone insurance?

There are different types of drone insurance, some optional and some required by law. For a hobby drone flyer, it makes sense to insure their equipment and this is available at very reasonable prices. Some drone owners assume that their equipment is covered by Home Insurance but this isn’t necessarily the case. As well as the drone and related equipment, specialist drone insurance policies for recreational use usually include cover for damage to third party property - for example, if the drone hits a car.

For drone pilots operating commercially, there are legal requirements for insurance. The CAA classifies a commercial flight as any flight that is not for sports or recreational purposes. If you are getting paid in any way for your flight, you must have drone insurance. This may include selling your photos as stock images or carrying out a roof survey for direct or indirect payment. If you’re looking to hire a drone pilot, it’s reasonable to ask for evidence that they have valid insurance cover in place. All professional members of Drone Safe Register are required to have operator insurance so you can have peace of mind if you make a booking with us.

Public Liability insurance is a requirement for commercial drone pilots in the UK, and it makes sense to have it. Modern drones have avoidance detection and a range of safety features, but accidents can happen. As well as damage to property, drone Liability insurance covers against the risk of injury to members of the public. Drone Safe Register has a partnership with specialist insurer Coverdrone, and we recommend these experts to all our operators. When you sign up to Drone Safe Register you have access to a discount from Coverdrone when you quote your membership number.

How much does Drone Insurance cost?

The average price for drone insurance varies from person to person. Factors affecting the premium include the value of your equipment, whether you use it outside the UK and the level of Public Liability cover required. As with any insurance, it makes sense to consider options and get the protection you really need rather than buying a cheap policy that may let you down if you need to make a claim. 

Commercial drone operators may also require other business insurance policies, so it’s worth getting expert advice. For example, Professional Indemnity cover may be required if you are working with construction companies and offering a level of advice. Commercial motor insurance is necessary if you use a van or car for business purposes. 

What happens if you don’t have drone insurance?

If you don’t have drone insurance and you are flying commercially you may face fines. Even though the risk is low, the potential cost of causing damage or injury with a drone can be huge. There are also risks of facing legal action for invasion of privacy or noise disturbance. The Civil Aviation Authority has set out specific requirements for Public Liability cover so buying specialist drone insurance is recommended rather than a general business liability policy.


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