Why would someone need a roof inspection?

There are many reasons why you may need to arrange a roof inspection, and the advent of drone technology has revolutionised the process. Drone inspections are generally cheaper, quicker to arrange and produce more detailed results than traditional methods involving ladders and scaffolding. High-resolution cameras and thermal imaging equipment can provide a wealth of data for analysis.

The most common reason for a roof inspection is to check for damage when there are leaks. Missing tiles and damage caused by debris in storms is common in the UK, and this can cost serious money if water gets into your property. Blocked and cracked waste pipes around roofs can be identified by a drone roof inspection. It’s a requirement under some home and property insurance policies that you have regular roof inspections and carry out reasonable maintenance, so don’t wait until there are problems before arranging this work. Thermal image cameras carried by drones are also very effective for checking roofs and other parts of properties for heat loss. With soaring energy costs this is a great way to pinpoint areas where you may need extra insulation.

What can you find out from a Drone Roof Inspection?

The level of detail a drone camera can identify is incredible. A skilled operator can help to identify structural problems such as cracks and damaged roof sections. The resolution of modern digital cameras can spot any sign of crumbling sealant and even the smallest cracks in masonry, tiles, brickwork and flashing. It would take a roofer hours to inspect to the level of detail a drone can capture in minutes. The ability to look from every possible angle means a drone can check gutters, chimneys and vents with ease.

The images and data captured by a drone roof inspection can be passed to surveyors and builders who can advise on and quote for necessary maintenance and repairs.

A thermal imaging roof inspection can detect heat loss and signs of water ingress that would otherwise be impossible to detect. These have traditionally been more common for commercial properties, but the need to reduce energy consumption means every homeowner could benefit from a thermal roof inspection.

How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost?

£250 is a typical charge for a roof inspection. Drone operators usually charge for a half-day or a full day but the rate varies depending on the operator. The size and type of property and your location can influence the cost, and the data output you require may also mean supplementary charges. For example, you could request a 3D model of a large property for insurance purposes.

The cost of roof inspection is actually very low if you consider the potential cost of paying for scaffolding or paying a structural engineer to visit. When you consider the potential savings if you can avoid costly leaks or minor problems leading to more severe damage over time it’s very good value for money.

Roof Inspections Using Drones in 2022


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