It’s been another busy month for the team at Drone Safe. Enquiries are picking up for events and inspections and it’s great to see so much activity in the member networking group. The launch of the DJI Mini 3 Pro went down a storm and we were really pleased to get some out to members - the first in the UK! Early feedback has been fantastic and the Mini 3 really is a game-changer for sub-250g drones.

The end of the school term is approaching

End of term and end of year school photos have been popular for decades, but many schools are now recognising how much more effective they are when drones are used.  We’re seeing enquiries pick up for aerial school shots and encourage members to market this service and look for work like this locally. If you have contacts in schools or colleges why not offer your expertise? Safety is of course a key factor with this type of work so stress how you carry out risk surveys, carry insurance and are a member of the UK’s largest network of professional pilots.

Surveys are still the most popular quote request

Roof surveys - often requested to check for damage after bad weather - are the most popular requests for work we receive. There’s an argument for specialising in roof inspection work as it’s a consistent source of revenue. You may not get rich on the odd one for a homeowner, but there’s big potential to partner up with surveyors, roofers and other businesses where aerial inspections dovetail. Larger commercial jobs can be particularly lucrative and this is often repeat work. An annual roof inspection is often a warranty on an insurance policy for commercial property and blocks of flats.

Roof surveys as evidence of state of repair can also help in property sales so this is another potential income stream. Partner up with local commercial property agents and this could become a regular source of work.

‘Summer’ Jobs are getting booked

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is going to kick off thousands of events up and down the country in June. Warmer weather means everything from weddings and music festivals to outdoor sporting events will be taking place, and this means great opportunities for commercial drone operators. Keep an eye out in the member network group as there are often requests for help with larger events where several operators or spotters may be needed. If this type of work interests you a quick brainstorm should produce ideas for work. Here are some to get you started -

  • Do you take part in any sports or have other hobbies that could get you an introduction? For example, if you take part in cycling events you could offer your services to film a race.

  • Are there any venues local to you where events are held? You could introduce yourself to the organisers and offer to capture images or video

  • Contact local wedding photographers to offer an aerial footage service as an add-on. Some may have their own drone, but many don’t want to get involved and stick to ground-based work.

  • Keep an eye out in local Facebook groups as these often promote events that could be a source of work 

May Newsletter

Stock Photography - Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

Summer is a great time for capturing stock images and footage to build up passive income. Membership of Drone Safe includes access to our stock library, so don’t miss out. British Summers can be unpredictable, but we’re pretty safe from storms and high winds most years! Blue skies make a fantastic backdrop for stock images, and the longer days give us extra hours of daylight for flying.


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