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22 06, 2021

How Do I Become A Paid Drone Operator?

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As a commercial drone operator, there is a lot of potential to be able earn a full-time income whilst doing something you enjoy. That’s the dream, right? Drone Safe Register offers all of the tools and support to help make this dream a reality. But what are my first steps in this journey? What equipment do I need? How do I network myself?Find Out All You Need To Know Now!  [...]

9 07, 2021

5 Ways You Can Hire A Drone Operator

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At Drone Safe Register, we offer a multitude of solutions to quickly and easily hire a professional commercial drone operator. Best of all, we offer expert drone pilots for hire across the UK, with ZERO agency fees! Find out how you can hire a drone operator today! [...]

13 05, 2022

Make Sure Your Drone Pilot is Insured

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What is drone insurance?There are different types of drone insurance, some optional and some required by law. For a hobby drone flyer, it makes sense to insure their equipment and this is available at very reasonable prices. Some drone owners assume that their equipment is covered by Home Insurance but this isn’t necessarily the case. As well as the drone and related equipment, specialist drone insurance policies for recreational use usually include cover for damage to third party property - for example, if the drone hits a car. [...]