How To Hire A Drone Operator With Drone Safe Register

At Drone Safe Register, we offer a multitude of solutions to quickly and easily hire a professional commercial drone operator. Best of all, we offer expert drone pilots for hire across the UK, with ZERO agency fees! 

Find out how you can hire a drone operator today!

UK Drone Operator Map

Drone Safe Register is home to the nation's largest network of commercial drone operators, with 100’s of members across Britain. You can view each and every drone operator in our registry with our easy to use drone operator map. Scroll and pan across the map and browse drone operators in the UK. 

Click on a company pin and you will be able to contact and liaise with a pilot directly. When clicking through our drone operator map, you will be presented with a profile of the operator, providing you with all the information you need. A pilots profile will provide you with contact details and a detailed overview of the company, and the services they provide.

5 Ways You Can Hire A Drone Operator

Instant Quotes

Drone Safe Register’s instant quote system will guarantee you a super quick quote from a professional drone operator based in the local area. All you have to do is enter in a few details regarding the work you wish to be completed, and one of our expert drone operators will be in touch. 

Due to the quality of the pilots in our network, we can have your work completed in as little as 48 hours in the right circumstances! Our instant quote system is excellent at putting you in touch with the very best in the business, quickly and efficiently. Unlike other operator hire sites, you can network in confidence knowing you're liaising with the best drone pilots in the UK. 

5 Ways You Can Hire A Drone Operator

Book Directly

Launched in 2020, we now offer direct drone operator hires for sale via the Drone Safe Register website. We are the nation’s first drone hire platform to offer a fully comprehensive online booking portal, which allows you to book professional drone operators at reasonable and transparent fixed prices. 

We offer drone services for roof inspections, wedding services, school photos and much much more. Whatever your aerial need, you can hire a commercial drone operator through Drone Safe Register’s online booking platform.

5 Ways You Can Hire A Drone Operator

Contact Us

Despite offering a best in class website for drone hires, sometimes, it can be more reassuring speaking to a human. That’s why we offer drone operators for hire via either telephone or live webchat. It can be a daunting task hiring a drone operator for the first time, we get it! That’s why our friendly team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Our team can guide you through the process of hiring a drone operator or in certain circumstances, publish your job directly into our closed network group. Book a commercial drone operator in confidence through the team at Drone Safe Store.

5 Ways You Can Hire A Drone Operator

Are You After Aerial Photo or Video?

If you are looking for more general aerial or video footage, hiring a drone operator may not be for you… instead, why not take a look at Drone Safe Stock! Drone Safe Stock is the UK’s largest online portal stock aerial photo and video content. 

We offer a range of stock from all across the UK - whether it’s the beautiful Bournemouth beach, getting the low-down on London or eyeing things up in Edinburgh, we have all the footage you could ever need! You can search or filter via type, location or shot.

5 Ways You Can Hire A Drone Operator

Drone Safe Register offer so many ways to hire a commercial drone operator, all of which are reinforced by the assurance that your hiring safe, insured and professionally trained operator.


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