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With the government confirming the full easing of restrictions for July 19th, now is the time to book a professional drone pilot for all of your upcoming aerial needs! With all this new found freedom, the need for insured, commercial drone operators has never been greater!

Wedding Video & Photography:

Weddings are back - properly this time! With more than 30+ attendees, you will need a professional drone operator with the ability to capture a large number of attendees in shot at once! 

Our members are more than capable of achieving premium results with footage shot to your liking and requests. All of our professional members are capable of shooting 4K aerial video footage and creating stunning aerial photography from the event. There is no doubt that drone videography for weddings provides amazing cinematic aerial views that simply wouldn’t be possible without a fully qualified drone pilot. With the versatility of drones, the possibilities are endless!

As an added bonus, many of our operators can provide an all-inclusive wedding package including:

  • Aerial Video & Photography

  • Ground-based Video & Photography

  • Gimbal & Pole Adjustments

  • Full Editing / Rendering / Producing

Our pilots are eager to get out there and capture your memorable moments again!

Freedom Day Confirmed - Book Your Drone Pilot Now!

Event Filming & Marketing:

Drone aerial footage has been used in most video marketing content for festivals, live sporting events, and huge business conferences in recent years, with bird's-eye pictures showing the impressive scope and scale of events. These shots not only look impressive, they do a great job of amplifying the quality of the content, taking your marketing material to the next level. 

With the return of large scale events such as festivals, it is very important to capture the magic of these events and the scale of the attendees. Drone Event Filming is all about capturing the atmosphere created by all of the individual components of an event coming together, and with so many missed moments over the past 18 months, it is vital to make your event a showcase. 

Our network of commercial pilots are able to capture far more dynamic shots than a static camera on flat ground can ever hope to achieve. They are also able to combine a mixture of ground camera work with aerial footage to create a fully immersive, cinematic experience. 

Much like our wedding photography and video services, some of our members can offer all-inclusive packages for event filming and marketing. 

Freedom Day Confirmed - Book Your Drone Pilot Now!

Building Inspections:

As many of us return to the office for the first time this year, landlords and property owners have to ensure the health and safety aspects of the building. The simplest and most cost-effective manner of doing this is by hiring a professional drone operator through Drone Safe Register. 

Our members are not only experienced at capturing aerial data, they can very quickly give estimates for work when you use our instant quote system. Drone Safe Register members will be able to complete multiple flyovers of your property, without the need for expensive and aesthetically ugly scaffolding. Additionally, if the need arose for more extensive inspections, drone pilots are able to quickly gather footage for investigations. 

This doesn’t just apply to office buildings either! Where many hotels have been limited in capacity and facilities being left unopened, many roofs could have suffered damage or changes in their condition. This also applies across the lettings and sales housing industry, car dealerships and restaurants. 

In the case of hotels and properties, many companies are interested in refreshing their online presence with our aerial photography services. Aerial content of a hotel's pool and outdoor services can do wonders for a business, showcasing a unique scale and perspective of the pool. With the upcoming increase in property listings, it is important to remember that listings with aerial images sell 68% faster than those without. 

With Freedom Day approaching, our commercial drone operators are ready to assist you with all of your aerial needs.

Hire a drone operator today!

Freedom Day Confirmed - Book Your Drone Pilot Now! Freedom Day Confirmed - Book Your Drone Pilot Now!


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