Photography Service For Schools From The Air
School photos have come a long way in recent years. In the days of film photography it took a lot of time, money and organisational skills to arrange photos of a whole school. Digital cameras and new technology have made things a lot easier!
The latest trend is to have a drone school photo, but is it worth booking one and what does it involve?
A drone school photo is an aerial photograph of all the pupils and teachers, usually with the school as a backdrop. If taken by a drone pilot with good camera skills they can be fantastic.
Many children get very excited about the prospect of seeing a drone fly over their school, and smiles and happy faces are virtually guaranteed.
Before you book a drone school photo, there are a few important things to consider. First and foremost are the risk and safety aspects of having a drone fly in close proximity to a crowd of children.
It’s essential that the drone pilot has undergone training to fly a drone in situations like these and can operate his aircraft with appropriate ability.
Anyone operating a drone for payment or reward in the UK has to have approval to do so from the CAA.
Don’t be tempted to ask a parent or pupil to take a drone school photo, as there may be serious consequences if things go wrong. A CAA approved drone pilot will operate to a very high standard, but will also carry insurance in case the worst happens.
An aerial photograph of a school and pupils is a great souvenir. Shots like these can be sold to parents and pupils, used in yearbooks and displayed around the school.


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