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“You need to improve the kerb appeal!” is often the answer to the question “How do I sell my property faster?” But what exactly does that mean?

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Studies suggest that the majority of potential property buyers make a decision in the first ten seconds of looking. That can be a real challenge if you’re selling! Old tricks like having the smell of freshly baked bread in the kitchen won’t work if a viewer has already decided he doesn’t like the colour of your front door. The display of gnomes a homeowner has collected over twenty years and takes great pride in could mean some potential buyers leave before even getting out of their car.

So if you ask yourself how do I sell my property faster, what can you actually do? The answer is to step back and look as a stranger would. You may have to be ruthless and admit that your curtains have seen better days and that the drive has become overrun with weeds. Details matter, so every little thing you can do will help to get a quick sale.

Some changes may be quick and cost very little money. For example, mowing the lawn, washing windows and moving rubbish bins out of sight. Other property improvements may become mini projects. For example, painting or replacing your front door could instantly improve the kerb appeal of your home. Do signs of wear and tear give the impression your home is poorly maintained? For example, cracked plaster, rotten window frames, chipped paintwork?

The answer to your how do I sell my property faster question should also consider the interior of your home. Does lighting show everything off as well as it could? Adding some stylish lamps can make a big difference to the mood of a room. If colours or wallpaper are to your own taste, consider redecorating to something more neutral.

A drone roof inspection is a modern way of selling your property faster. Potential buyers can only see so much from the ground, and providing photographs taken by an aerial drone photographer is an impressive way of showing the condition of your property.

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