CableCam Operators For Hire Throughout The UK.

Drone Safe Register are proud to announce the launch of a range of exciting new services into 2020 in this blog we cover Cablecam hire

As our membership has grown we’ve attracted a broad range of experts in different fields of video production.

Demand for these is growing, and Drone Safe Register are in a prime position to source and offer expertise in these areas and just just drone pilot hire.

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Cablecams enable you to capture perfectly smooth tracking shots that would otherwise be impossible.

So why might you need to hire a cablecam operator?

Drone technology is incredibly versatile, but there are occasions when it’s not legal, safe or appropriate to fly.

A good example would be a concert where large crowds of people are gathered. Indoor events, narrow spaces and busy areas with hazards and obstacles can be too risky for drones.

To hire a cablecam operator is a possible solution for these situations. Incredible footage can be produced but with no risk of collision or accident.

Camera movement brings a cinematic quality, and cablecams can achieve this in the hands of an experienced operator. Precise, slow movement is the key, and the results can be spectacular.

Cameras can also travel at high speeds to keep up with the action if required.


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