Drones and Art

Drones can be used to complete a great deal of functions, from inspections and surveys to search and rescue but this Hungarian company is using them in a completely new way – to create beautiful art in the sky.

There are not many people who don’t enjoy the spectacle of lights in the sky but in a world where fireworks are becoming increasingly criticised for their detrimental effect on the environment and effect on local animals and wildlife, these drone shows could provide a perfect solution.

Collmot say that their aim, with their creation of their multi-drone aerial displays, is to bring the concept of drones to a wider audience and to raise awareness of the good ways that they can be used – something that many drone operators can sympathise with!

With their multi-drone light shows, they can launch small or large drone fleets carrying lights and are pre-programmed to create stunning aerial displays.  The technology that runs the fleet is impressive, as it includes flocking technology which means that the drones communicate with each other to inform the others of unexpected issues, such as low batteries and to assist them in avoiding collisions.

Having said that these drone swarms could be a replacement to fireworks, they can also act as an addition to a pyrotechnics display carrying the fireworks themselves and launching multiple charges to present fireworks in a totally new way that they say is ‘jaw dropping’.

Probably their most innovative concept is that of drone painting – ideal for marketing and promotional and marketing activity – this is a fleet of drones that swarm around to create a 3D image in the sky that is captured by a long exposure photograph.  An incredible visual spectacle sure to the capture the imagination of the viewer.


Actually when you visit their website and see the images and video of the beautiful displays that they are making, it’s a wonder no one has thought of harnessing the drone’s creative power before.  We look forward to seeing this aspect of the UAV grow


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