Learn How Drone Safe Register Members Can Get The Most From Their Membership

At Drone Safe Register, we are starting a new initiative to highlight the very best ways of showcasing your profile to potential customers. As the country begins to emerge, despite a slight extension, we’ve seen an increase in jobs passing through our instant quote system and through our exclusive members group across the country. Now is the perfect time to refresh your profile using these top tips!

The Professional Touch:

When building your business, having a professional touch is vital... But what does that mean exactly?

Firstly, it is important that spelling and grammar are top-notch! Have a read through your current company information in the ‘Company Listing’ tab in your dashboard. You can even use a 3rd Party Tool such as Grammarly to test this. A bonus of using Grammarly is that they are able to judge the tone of the piece and tell you whether a piece of writing is formal, informal, welcoming, friendly and much more. 

When uploading company images such as logos, it is important to remember that the image is scaled down - therefore having a clear and sharp image is vital. Avoid using a very busy image and go for something clean and professional. 

Ensure you create a professional showreel to showcase the services you provide and highlight the amazing work you produce. You could even create a marketing video for your own company, showing off the jobs you have completed. 

Drone Safe Register Members - Follow These Tips To Maximise Your Profile!

Make Search Engines Love You!

When completing your profile, it is important to have a minimum of 400 words in your ‘Company Information’ section. This is because search engines look at the value of content and want their users to gain something from the content they are showing them.

When creating the content for this section, make sure to include keywords and phrases related to the services you are offering. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who wants to hire an operator… what would they search for?

It is important to remember not to copy and paste content from your own website. This is because search engines can recognise duplicate content and if it marks content as duplicated, it will not actively promote or endorse the content. It is also worth reviewing the content regularly as Google trawls websites very frequently. Also, remember to fill out your 3 keyword boxes! 

Our website is powerful and built from the ground up to take advantage of search engines. At a base SEO level, your individual profiles are ranked for everything circled in the picture.

Drone Safe Register Members - Follow These Tips To Maximise Your Profile!

Link to the Socials!

Social media is where it’s at nowadays so it’s important to have a presence across the internet. Not only will this boost your SEO, it will also help you build a brand and a community. 

When using social media, brand voice and content should match the same style as your website and be consistent with your brand ideals. Core social media platforms you should certainly be using are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

In particular, I would recommend investing time in LinkedIn and YouTube. This is due to the networking opportunities LinkedIn provides and the extra space for showreels on YouTube. Whilst it is still important to use Facebook & Instagram, very few of our members are taking advantage of other social media.

Specialist Services: Activate!

When logged into the members dashboard, navigate the toolbar on the left to find ‘Services’. Here you will find the ability to toggle on/off a variety of additional services related to the drone industry. 

Before you toggle any of the buttons, make sure you are capable of completing the requirements of the service and can do so without causing delays to a client. Whilst some additional features may not be relevant to you, there are bound to be some you can toggle. 

By activating a toggle, you will be able to build a profile based specifically on that service. This means you can pack the description full of specific keywords and phrases which are relevant to that industry. As an added bonus, this extra profile will also be indexed and crawled by Google, further boosting your profile and SEO efforts. 

At Drone Safe Register, we want to make sure that you are getting the best results you can out of your membership. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly via our live web chat feature and we can help you maximise your profile. 

Drone Safe Register Members - Follow These Tips To Maximise Your Profile!


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