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21 10, 2016

The Commercial UAV Show 2016!

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This week Drone Safe Register (DSR) is blogging about our attendance at The Commercial UAV Show! On Wednesday and Thursday of this week the 3rd annual Commercial UAV Show took place in London’s ExCeL convention centre. The show is Europe’s biggest dedicated commercial UAV event which showcases both current and next generation civilian /commercial applications. And what an experience it was to be there we can tell you!  With over 100 exhibitors neatly organised (well packed!) into one of ExCeL’s impressive exhibition halls, the two day event was quite literally buzzing from s [...]

18 08, 2016

Unlocking DJI Geofencing for Drone Pros

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DJI Geofencing UnlockingDSR wanted to find out the capabilities of the unlocking feature for professional drone pilots and also pass on the tips we gleamed including which DJI drones are supported, what info you need to submit and how long the process takes.As a way of an introduction here is DJI’s definition of the No Fly Zone feature:‘DJI’s No Fly Zone (NFZ) feature can help you avoid inadvertent operation in locations that could raise safety or security concerns, such as near airports. NFZ will in many cases warn you about these areas if you fly towards them, or try to take- [...]

13 06, 2021

Drone Safe Register Members - Follow These Tips To Maximise Your Profile!

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At Drone Safe Register, we are starting a new initiative to highlight the very best ways of showcasing your profile to potential customers. As the country begins to emerge, despite a slight extension, we’ve seen an increase in jobs passing through our instant quote system and through our exclusive members group across the country. Now is the perfect time to refresh your profile using these top tips! [...]