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Drones have opened up exciting new opportunities in the world of professional photography and filming. Not so long ago you’d need a blockbuster movie budget to be able to produce aerial shots. Drone camera hire in the UK has made aerial work much more affordable.

Aerial film footage has a cinematic quality and can make even mundane subjects look interesting. Low budget television programs are using aerial footage now thanks to the affordable costs of drone camera hire. If you have a project you think may benefit from aerial photography, consider the following points.

  • Drone camera operators for hire must be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Before you hire a drone camera operator, check that they have a ‘PFCO’ from the Civil Aviation Authority. This means they have approval to take on paid work. Hiring a pilot without approval may be cheaper, but it could land you in serious trouble.
  • Drone camera quality varies. Some popular drones like the DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4 have built-in cameras, but other offer greater flexibility and the potential for higher quality photographic work. Ask about the type of files that will be offered and the quality of output produced when booking aerial photography work with a drone.
  • Some aerial photography work needs two operators. A simple flyover of a property for some aerial shots can be carried out by a drone pilot on his own, but more advanced filming often requires two people. A pilot will control and navigate the drone while a camera operator takes control of the framing and movement of the on board camera. A job like this will of course result in higher quotes for aerial filming with a drone.
  • Drones are considered a nuisance by some people. Public perception of unmanned aircraft is still quite negative, and many people are concerned about threats to their privacy. When planning drone camera hire it’s important to think about take off and landing points and whether the aircraft may need to fly over neighbouring properties. A CAA approved drone pilot will be able to offer advice and guidance on this.

Drone technology is a great alternative to using helicopters or light aircraft for aerial photography.

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