How to Hire a Drone Pilot Today

If you want to know how to hire a drone pilot, Drone Safe Register’s quick quote facility is the perfect place to start. At Drone Safe Register™ we pride ourselves in our ability to put you in touch with some of the very best drone operators the industry has to offer.

We are the UK’s leading drone operator for hire service - specialising in delivering quality aerial data and imagery from CAA qualified professionals, ensuring the safe and efficient turnaround of your content requests. We also provide operators for a variety of other services such as FPV Drone Filmography and Photography, Aerial Inspections, and Surveillance.

Hire a Drone Pilot Quickly

  1. -   Visit Drone Safe Register

  2. -   Enter Your Postcode

  3. -   Select The Area Of Land You Will Be Working With

  4. -   Choose The Appropriate Job Type

  5. -   Select The Date Of Your Job

  6. -   Choose How Many Quotes You Would Like To Receive

  7. -   Enter Contact Details And Brief Overview

Hire a Drone Pilot in the UK

Finding and hiring a drone operator has never been easier thanks to our one-of-a-kind instant quote system. Simply enter the specifics of the drone work you want done as well as the location of your aerial request. Choose the number of quotes you want to receive and the nature of the drone work, and one of our professional members will contact you as soon as they are able.

Book a Qualified Drone Operator

Anyone using a drone for payment or reward must have approval to do so from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). There is no such thing as a UK drone licence, and approval comes in the form of a PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). All Drone Safe Register members must hold a PFCO, so you have peace of mind if you use the instant drone quote facility.

Hire a Drone Operations Specialist

Some drone pilots specialise in certain types of work. The question how to hire a drone pilot should also take account of the type of work required. For example, some pilots are professional photographers who have entered the drone industry to be able to offer aerial photography. If you need an aerial survey of a construction site, a drone pilot experienced in this type of project would be more suitable.

Drone Operator Regulations

Regulations controlling the use of drones make some projects harder than others. If you want to hire a drone pilot to take some aerial pictures of a rural property, it’s a relatively straightforward job. Drone Safe Register’s instant drone quote facility should generate offers of around £200 for this. However, a drone hire quote in London to fly in a congested area near an airport is much more involved and will attract a higher fee.

Hire an Insured Commercial Drone Operator

Insurance cover is essential for drone operations. A CAA approved drone pilot must carry a minimum level of Public Liability insurance. This covers against the potential costs of an accident involving injury to someone or damage to property. Hiring a drone pilot without insurance is extremely risky, and could involve legal action and serious expense. Flying in some areas may involved higher levels of insurance cover to meet local authority requirements.

Understanding these points will help you make the right decisions when considering how to hire a drone pilot in the UK.

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