Roof Inspections By Drone

There can be several reasons why you may ask will a drone help me inspect my roof. The most common one is that your roof is leaking, and this can be very stressful. Finding out where your roof is damaged isn’t always easy, and a leak could appear in a part of your house that isn’t underneath or even near the source of the problem

A drone is a great tool for assessing roof leaks as it enables you to see hard to reach places and take photographs to show to a builder. An insurance Loss Adjuster will also find drone roof inspection photographs very useful.

Another reason you might ask will a drone help me inspect my roof is if you’re planning an aerial installation or building extension. It isn’t always easy to find the best place to install an aerial or satellite dish, and a drone aerial survey can help to decide this. When planning an extension to your home it may be necessary to check the condition of a roof to see if needs replacing or repairing as part of the project. It’s a false economy to leave a roof in poor condition if you have scaffolding up as part of building works.

The cost of a drone roof inspection is usually considerably cheaper than other methods. Most CAA approved drone pilots will charge between two and three hundred pounds for an inspection, including supply of photographs and video. More advanced inspection work, for example thermal imaging with a drone, involves more advanced equipment and costs more as a result.

Asking a friend or neighbour with a drone to carry out a roof inspection may seem like a cheap and easy option, but think very carefully before you do this. Flying a drone over a house is a skilled job, and a collision or accident could be very costly. The camera on cheap drones can’t deliver the kind of quality you need for roof inspection aerial photography, and it could just be a waste of time.

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