It can be very worrying if you find damp patches or water leaking into your home. Even a small leak can build up to be a serious problem over time. Calling a builder to say my roof is leaking may be the obvious way to tackle the problem, but there is now an alternative.

Drones and a Leaking Roof

If you hire a drone pilot for a roof inspection you have great control over dealing with the issue. Unless you know a roofer or builder you can trust you run the risk of paying for work you don’t need. A drone roof inspection will provide detailed photographs to help pinpoint the exact problem, and you can use these to get quotes for repairs. Having aerial photographs of your roof will also help a roofer decide the best way to tackle the job.

‘My roof is leaking!’ is often a panic call, and you may not know what to do next. If you can see a bulge in a ceiling, place a bucket underneath it and pierce a small hole to allow water to drain out. If you can’t see the source of the problem, start by inspecting your attic or roof space. A loose tile may be the cause of the problem, and this will be relatively easy to make good. Flat roofs have a limited lifespan of around ten years, so a leak could be a sign that it’s time to replace rather than patch up with repairs.

If you live in a block of flats or a shared property, you may need to call the landlord or managing agent to say my roof is leaking. The problem could affect a number of people, so ask other residents if they are having problems. Water can travel along ceilings and walls by surface tension, so the source of a leak could be some distance from damp patches. A drone roof inspection can be worth paying for if you live in a rented property sometimes. If the landlord makes excuses and won’t authorise repairs, presenting photographic evidence may help.

Roof leaks caused by wear and tear aren’t generally covered on home insurance policies, but if it’s sudden damage caused by a storm or falling object you could make a claim. A drone roof inspection can be useful in collating evidence for an insurance Loss Adjuster, and it could mean you get work authorised and receive a claim settlement more quickly.

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