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The UK’s Largest Selection of Aerial Drone Stock

Obviously you can hire one of our drone pilots to capture images on your behalf but sometimes it is faster and more cost efficient to use library footage for your project.   As part of the DSR website, we boast the UK’s only dedicated UAV stock library that is perfect to meet your aerial imaging needs
Developed and integrated into our main website as part of a huge web development project at the end of 2018, there are thousands of images and videos that you can purchase and make use of. We offer the opportunity to search by keyword as well as a really handy map search feature which is perfect if you are looking for aerial imagery of a specific landmark or location.

Purchase prices are fixed at incredibly reasonable rates for either single or multiple uses. Prices start at just £25

Further to this, as all of our footage was captured by DSR members, you can be sure that the images and video that you are using were created by qualified and licensed drone pilots both safely and legally.  

So there’s no danger of dangerous or illegal flying detracting attention away from what you are trying to create.
Just take a look at some of the breathtaking photos and videos that our talented and legal drone operators have to offer and you’ll be surprised at the range of content that it is available. 
So next time you are creating a multimedia project, consider the added production value that drone footage would contribute and search the Drone Safe Register stock library for the perfect content.


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Henry Greenshields