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13 08, 2018

Buying Second Hand Drones – Essential Tips

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Buying Second Hand DronesThe popularity of drones has soared in recent years, and thousands of people are taking flying as a new hobby.There are also a growing number of people becoming CAA approved drone pilots ready to join the rapidly expanding new drone industry.Prices have fallen as drones have advanced and become more widely available, but the costs are still out of the reach of many people.Buying second hand drones can be the answer.visit the drone safe store for new drones You can pick up cheap drones to get a taste of flying for under a hundred pounds, but these have li [...]

12 08, 2018

Best Drone for Beginners – What To Look For

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The best drone for beginners Depends on your budget and what you intend to use it for.To experience the fun of flying and decide if you’d like to get into drones as a hobby, you can pick one up on Amazon for less than fifty pounds. If you have a little more to spend you can get drones with quite advanced features for around a hundred pounds.Simple quadcopters are the best drones for beginners with no experience of flying models. Some will flip and perform stunts, making them great fun for kids. If you’re interested in aerial photography, cheap drones offer very little in terms of [...]

6 08, 2018

Rent Drones With Drone Safe Register

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Drone Rental Services From Drone Safe RegisterFind Drone Pilot Rental Services From Drone Safe Register Approved PilotsThe term ‘drone’ is usually used to refer to unmanned aircraftBut there will also be developments in unmanned boats and watercraft and land-based vehicles.It’s not surprising that the rise of new technology has created a demand for rent a drone UK services.If you want to experience the thrill of flying one of these incredible aircraft, renting a drone can sound like a good option.However, it may be better to try one out and buy a drone if you think it’s somet [...]