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On this blog, we’ve quite often looked at the difference UAV technology is predicted to make in industries such as construction and insurance.

However, the drone’s potential isn’t limited to dry land with many maritime and offshore companies beginning to look at how they can capture and utilise their own corner of this emerging industry.

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One of the main fields in which drones are being deployed at sea (as they are on land) is for carrying out of marine inspections. The Royal Navy is making use of these high portable cameras to inspect their vessels and identify any defects.  The advantage being that these surveys can be simply and regularly carried out even while ships are at sea so issues can be highlighted and dealt with at the earliest possible opportunity.

Staying with the uses of drones on board all manner of ships and boats, UAVs are also ideal for inspecting masts and rigging. Once again the drones ability to reach difficult to access areas is shown to be of huge benefit. Inspection is fast and simple and the operator can remain safely at ground or sea level.

It’s not just the working at height risks that drones can avoid. Dangerous gases in enclosed spaces can also pose a threat and UAVs can be fitted with detection sensors so the safety of the environment can be accurately assessed.

Small issues can be fixed before they become larger problems and expensive down time can be minimised.

It is anticipated that drone technology will eventually replace slower and more risky human inspections. Real time video can be streamed to the pilot who can be guided to allow the experts to gather all the visual information that they require. Targeted repair and maintenance teams can then be deployed with pinpoint accuracy and carrying exactly what they need to complete the required task.

Drone Safe Register offer a nationwide of legal and qualified pilots able to carry out all types of marine filming and inspection work. Search the member database to find your local qualified pilot.

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