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Although Drone Registration is not mandatory we have been registering our hobby members drones for nearly 3 years now.

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Are you an amateur or hobby drone pilot?  This week Drone Safe Register is blogging about the importance of being a responsible amateur drone pilot and the benefits of joining DSR on our Hobby Membership Package.

An amateur or hobby drone pilot is classed as anybody flying for non- commercial gain.  Currently the law states that whether you are a commercial or amateur drone there are rules and regulations to follow set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). As an amateur drone pilot the CAA states:

  • Anyone filming with a drone for their own purposes must avoid flying it within 150 metres of a congested area and 50 metres of a person, vessel, vehicle or structure not under the control of the pilot.

  • You will also need to fly the aircraft within sight. This means you can’t go above 400ft in altitude or further than 500 metres horizontally. If you want to exceed that, you’ll again need to seek explicit permission from the CAA.

DSR is fully aware that the vast majority of amateur drone pilots fly within the law and act as responsible ambassadors.  But sadly some amateurs are giving others a bad name by flouting the rules.  DSR is aware of incidents of amateurs flying irresponsibly over crowds of people, too close to buildings and often flying for commercial gain without the necessary qualifications and insurance.

By joining DSR on our hobby package there are lots of benefits to enjoy.  Membership is renewed annually and all hobby members receive:

  • A welcome pack consisting of current CAA information sheet detailing the rules and regulations for drone pilots.

  • A DSR Hobbyist ID card.  ID cards are printed with current CAA safety code & member photo. ID cards help educate members of the public, should you have issues when out enjoying your hobby. It states that you are aware of the drone rules and that you will always fly within the law and act responsibly.

  • Craft ID stickers for identification purposes in case of a lost drone. DSR registers its pilots and aircraft.

  • A reward in case of lost drone.  If you lose your craft within the membership period, DSR will also pay a reward to its finder.

  • Regular industry updates/bulletins/feature in our newsletter

  • Exclusive DJI & Yuneec discount with Jessops.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of joining DSR is the fact that we are the only UK drone organisation to register and tag our member’s aircrafts.  All DSR members can tag all their drones with unique waterproof stickers that we issue. The ID stickers detail your membership number and ‘Reward if Found’.  This is a smart solution to help you be reunited with your drone if you lose it whilst flying.

DSR has seen a rise of ‘lost drone’ notices online and whilst out and about on the streets of the UK. Just take a look at some of the photos we found on social media – perhaps these photos are a sign of our times!  All of these lost drone incidents could have been solved in seconds if their crafts had been marked with DSR ID tags.  What’s more, Drone Safe Register will even pay the reward to the finder of your drone!

If you are an amateur drone pilot DSR invites you to become a hobby member for just £24.95 per year.

DSR looks forward to welcoming you to our Drone Safe community!

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