Part 1: Drone Pilots Are In Demand – Find Out Why!

How Drone Usage is Taking Off in the Housing Industry

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve, whether that’s by cutting costs, improving marketing or simplifying processes. In the property and housing industry, drone operators are used in a multitude of ways, many of which you might not expect!

That’s where you come in.

The House Always Wins – Property Marketing

Do you remember looking at that super fancy house? You know the one: swimming pool, tennis court, big marquee. How do you think that aerial view was captured?

With a drone of course!

Using the latest technology, experienced drone pilots can create and deliver full aerial photography packages that optimise and enhance the perception of your property. Not only that, they provide a unique perspective which captures and engages potential customers whilst also providing them with an informative image. This is both super efficient and super effective. As an extra bonus, aerial photography and video can be displayed across any number of social media channels, including YouTube to help get the most out of your money and aid the marketing team.

How Drone Usage is Taking Off in the Housing Industry

Evidence Based Alternative - Property Inspections

Using a drone service for roof inspection has the unique position of identifying a magnitude of smaller issues; like loose and cracking tiles or broken guttering. Not only may these issues be overlooked or made worse by traditional scaffold supported inspection but they rely heavily on a collective group of people. With a drone operator, they are capable of completing the roof survey single handed, and share and analyse the footage across a variety of angles and positions. 

Save time, money and resources whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety by hiring one of our trained, safe and insured drone operators.

How Drone Usage is Taking Off in the Housing Industry

Specialised Services

As part of our specialised services at Drone Safe Register, we offer 360° Virtual Tour Specialists. For property marketers during the pandemic, using a 360° Camera to produce virtual tours has been vital in continuing business. The technology will be used continually in the future to optimise viewings and increase engagement with property websites. It is also used massively in the entertainment and event industry to showcase venues and atmosphere

Why Would Estate Agents Hire Through Drone Safe Register?

Drone Safe Register is home to over 600 professional drone pilots across the UK, all of which are:

  • Fully insured and capable of providing a high quality service.

  • Hold all the relevant and appropriate CAA permissions.

  • Understand the best practices and requirements.

With this level of expertise and devotion – why wouldn’t they hire via Drone Safe Register?

What Does Becoming A Drone Safe Registered Operator Do For You?

As a Drone Safe Registered commercial drone pilot, you will provide a multitude of services for companies in a range of different industries – not just the housing industry. Not only will you have a profile that is part of a national database, but you will also be indexed on Google – providing an extra bonus to your own website. You will also receive instant quotes from people interested in working with you.

Put your pilot skills on display and let us help you find paid work as a Professional Drone Operator.

Become a Drone Safe Registered Pilot and browse our membership options today:

How Drone Usage is Taking Off in the Housing Industry


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