From The Air Photography – How Drone Usage Will Help The Events Industry Bounce Back Better

With the triumphant return of large-scale live events expected this summer; professional drone operators will be on hand to help capture the moments that matter. With business searching for ways to change with the times, drone usage will play a vital role in modernising and adapting. 

By hiring a professional drone operator with Drone Safe Register, you can guarantee stunning aerial views, which improve, enhance, and promote your company, as well as those extra special events and celebrations.

Capture The Moments That Matter - Drones For Weddings

As we strap back on the suit and tie to attend that we’ve been waiting for, it’s important to remember to capture the moments we’ve missed so much. At weddings, it is vital to not only capture the ceremony but to capture the atmosphere, spectacle and joy of the occasion. 

Using a drone for wedding photography and filming can capture it all – and from many different perspectives. Drones are incredibly non-intrusive, allowing footage to be taken of the bride and groom as well as their guests. Using a number of different capture techniques, our experienced, professional members are on hand to provide high-quality aerial event filming with end-to-end production options for all of your needs.

If you haven’t seen a drone at a wedding yet, just wait! Our trained operatives do all the work and take some breath-taking images along the way.

From The Air Photography

Enjoy the Music, Remember the Spectacle - Drones For Festivals

We all remember the first time we went to a music festival or live performance, but imagine if you could relive the magic time and time again, from a unique and fascinating perspective, which captures the bravado of the display. Queen’s performance at Live Aid would be my personal choice.

The only way to film music festivals and outdoor concerts before the invention of drones was from the ground. Drones now make it possible to film the festivities from the air, in a secure and cost-effective manner. Drones are not only changing the way these incidents are captured, but also the way they are remembered.

Don’t be surprised next time you're banging your head in time with the music at a festival and you spot a drone above you. With our safe and insured operators you can insure you have plenty of high quality footage from your event.

Safety First – Drones For Crowd Monitoring, Site Mapping & Logistics

Drones have plenty of applicable uses outside of filming and photography to assist the events industry in coming back stronger than ever. Crowd monitoring plays an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of large-scale events. 

The transmission of real-time data from drones allows security officers to act on live data, informing crowd control teams on the ground. This results in a more efficient and effective security team to protect against for any criminal activity.

Using drones for security gives you the flexibility to see everything that’s going on, without getting in the way. With years of experience, our CAA approved drone pilots are well equipped to handle complicated set up situations.

From The Air Photography

So if you’re organising an event this summer, browse our map to find a professional drone operator to help your event go with a bang.

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