How Do I Hire a Drone Operator Through Drone Safe Register?

Trained, Qualified & Insured Drone Pilots For Hire

At Drone Safe Register™ we pride ourselves in our ability to put you in touch with some of the very best drone operators the industry has to offer.

We are the UK’s leading drone operator for hire service -  we specialise in delivering quality aerial data and imagery from CAA qualified professionals, ensuring the safe and efficient turnaround of your content requests. We also provide operators for a range of other services like FPV Drone Filmography and Photography, Aerial Inspections and Surveillance.

We work with commercial property managers, property owners, estate agents, local councils, insurance firms, and religious organisations providing a one-stop-shop for quality aerial data delivery.

Finding a drone operator who is not only safe, but trained and insured commercially can be difficult – let Drone Safe Register take the stress out of finding a pilot for your business. 

How Do I Hire a Drone Operator? Quick & Easy Drone Pilots For Hire

Hire a Drone Pilot Quickly – The Easiest Way To Hire a Professional Drone Operator

  1. -   Visit Drone Safe Register

  2. -   Enter Your Postcode

  3. -   Select The Area Of Land You Will Be Working With

  4. -   Choose The Appropriate Job Type

  5. -   Select The Date Of Your Job

  6. -   Choose How Many Quotes You Would Like To Receive

  7. -   Enter Contact Details And Brief Overview

Our unique instant quote system means finding and hiring a drone operator has never been easier. Simply enter the corresponding to the location of your aerial request, select the number of quotes you would like to receive and our professional members will be in touch with you as soon as they’re able.

How Do I Hire a Drone Operator? Quick & Easy Drone Pilots For Hire

Hire A Professional Drone Pilot – A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding An Expert Drone Operator

-   Create a Brief

You should create a brief outline, explaining and detailing your requirements as precisely as you can. Include the date and time of the work, an outline of the job and the results you expect.

-   Visit Drone Safe Register 

Visit Drone Safe Register  and browse the range of services we provide and how your job aligns with our services.

-   Browse Our Map

Click [Operators] to be taken to our Interactive Operator Map. This will allow you to browse our range of operators in the area you require. You can search via postcode or keywords.

-   Select an Operator

Now that you’ve found the operator you want, click their name and you can contact them and liaise with them directly.

How Do I Hire a Drone Operator? Quick & Easy Drone Pilots For Hire

Hiring a specific operator using our operator map provides you the flexibility to liaise with clients to your own timeline and explore the most opportunities.

Remember, our members don’t just offer drone services. We also provide a range of specialist services, such as camera vehicle operators, steadicam and movi operators and cablecam operators. 

Whichever way you choose, Drone Safe Register provides you with all the tools you could ever need to hire an experienced operator, in an area near you. 

Browse our operators and start your drone journey today. 


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