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Digital cameras and smartphones have made photography more accessible now than ever. In fact taking pictures and sharing moments on social media is now part of everyday life for most people. Almost anyone can produce a correctly-exposed, well-focussed photograph thanks to improved camera technology.

So is there ever a need to hire a professional photographer?

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For events and important occasions like weddings and christenings, the answer is a definite yes. Taking snaps of daily life to post on Facebook is very different than producing a complete record of something like a wedding.

If you need photographs for a business website, it’s important to create the right impression.

Here are five reasons why you should hire a professional photographer.

  • Equipment matters. Modern smartphones can produce incredible photographs, but they still don’t compare to those professional photographic gear can capture. Don’t be fooled into judging quality simply by the number of megapixels. The sensors on professional SLR cameras are far superior to those in smartphone cameras, and the lenses produce far sharper images. If you hire a professional photographer they will also have lighting and other equipment to produce the best possible results.
  • Experience matters. As in most things in life, experience counts in photography. You may be able to take a nice shot of friends and family on your smartphone or digital camera, but when the pressure’s on it’s easy to make a mistake. Professional photographers know to light a subject, the best angle to shoot from and how to avoid distracting backgrounds. If shooting portraits, they know how to relax people and make them look their best. When it comes to wedding photography, you need someone who’s been behind the camera at dozens of similar occasions and knows how to capture every important moment.
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  • Photography is both an art and a technical skill. Modern digital cameras work on a point and shoot basis. If lighting conditions are reasonable and the main subject is in the centre of the frame, the results are generally fine. However, if you’re shooting in low-light, high contrast such as bright sunshine or trying to follow a moving subject you need technical photography skills. Creativity is also an important factor in photography. If you hire a professional photography you’l get the benefit of both.
  • Professional editing sets images apart. Adding Instagram filters and making simple edits on a smartphone can improve some pictures.
  • A professional photographer will shoot images in the high-quality RAW format which offers wide scope for editing. Exposure, colours, skin tone and other features of a picture can be edited to magazine quality by a professional. No weird orange faces, grainy pictures or extreme contrast!
  • A professional photographer is dedicated to the task. If you hire a photographer for an event or occasion their sole purpose is to record the day. Relying on a friend or relative attending means they’re a guest or participant with a camera. A professional photographer will plan and prepare and have a list of shooting schedule to work to. They won’t miss anything important.
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If you still have any doubts about the need to book a professional photographer, think of the difference between having a recipe book and a state of the art cooker compared to what an experienced chef can produce. Photography, like cooking, is more than just following a recipe.

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