Get ready for Drone Safe World!

Due to the steep increase in drone use globally, many countries have struggled to incorporate drones into their structured aviation regulations. 

We are excited to announce that after identifying a gap in the global market for a worldwide directory of trained, safe and insured drone pilots, we will be launching Drone Safe World this summer. 

The first stages of launching Drone Safe World will take place in Europe with an initial 32 countries listed. With an already established network in the UK, there has never been a better time to launch a new global network of commercial operators.

Get ready for Drone Safe World!

Drone Safe World - What this means for the Drone Industry, Worldwide

Following new rules and regulations (brought in on December 29th 2020) in the UK, we are seeing a rise in requests for trained, safe and insured drone operators. We believe that individuals are starting to understand the very real dangers associated with untrained, uninsured and irresponsible drone operators. Having a safe and secure network of professionals means that we can maintain a supply of high-quality aerial data from the best in the business. 

Our ultimate aim is to offer a safe and secure platform to find and hire trained, safe and insured professional drone operators to fulfil aerial data requests in each country.

A testament to the business that our CEO and Founder, Mark Boyt, has spent nearly six years building; the launch of Drone Safe World will serve as the first stage of many to establish the Drone Safe Register™ platform, globally. 

With an ever-expanding network of CAA recognised professionals, an increasing number of drone industry partners, extensive industry experience and ongoing investment opportunities, Drone Safe Register™ UK continues to serve as a fantastic example of increasing demand for experienced and professional drone operators. 

As a business, our model of conduct focuses on the core values of putting customers in touch with the very best in the industry and since 2015 our platform has been trusted by thousands of individuals looking to hire commercial drone operators.

Recognising that enabling members of the public to deal with our network of experienced operators directly encourages a much more efficient process for completing aerial data requests, has allowed us to facilitate an effective Instant Quote System.

Get ready for Drone Safe World!

Drone Safe World will ultimately expand the services of the current Drone Safe Register™ platform with additional phases of the global launch still to be announced.

We will continue to adopt the current values, putting those searching for professional drone operators in touch with the best in their respective countries with no agency fees or commissions. 

Mark Boyt confirms: “It has always been the dream to launch a global network of commercial operators. I feel that we are in a prime position to launch Drone Safe World after over 5 years of working for our leading place in the industry. We are ready to bring the knowledge we have acquired to the forefront of safe drone hire across the globe.”

Millions of people have learnt about our business through our many ventures over the years, including Dragon’s Den. Thousands of customers use our platform, something we think primarily demonstrates the calibre of our members - the best in the business. 

Extensive work is already underway and although this is a huge challenge, purely because of the number of countries we will be launching in, we have successfully planned our roadmap to optimise this opportunity.

Get ready for Drone Safe World!

Having recently invested in the re-launch of our Drone Safe Register™ UK platform, we are in an exceptional position with new coding to make the incredibly challenging transition to global servers much easier and more effective. 

As we have successfully gained partnerships with industry-leading UK Insurers (Coverdrone), Flight Hazard Software Engineers (Altitude Angel) and Training Providers (Osprey Drone Training) we are now in the position to look to establish a multitude of additional partnerships in each country. 

We will be looking to secure business partners that share our values and expertise in the industry to provide high-quality equipment, support and training to ensure that we are able to maintain and continuously improve on our trained, safe and insured standards. 

As we continue to expand both our UK and worldwide platform, we will also be looking for experienced and enthusiastic drone operators to join our network. Please use the links below to request more information about our UK membership plans or register your interest in becoming a member of Drone Safe World.

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