Using drones for Insurance Claims

If you’ve ever had to make an insurance claim for damage to your home, you’ll know it can be a long and painful process. Insurers are quick to take your money, but not so when it comes to paying claims!

Investigating claims to make sure they are valid and fair can take weeks, but new technology is bringing improvements.

Drones for insurance claims are a powerful tool. Damage following a storm is a great example. Insurers often want to satisfy themselves that damage claimed for isn’t just general wear and tear, and difficulty accessing a roof can delay the process and add considerable costs. At the moment that may involve putting up scaffolding or using a cherry picker, but using drones for insurance claims is now becoming more common.

If you want to avoid a dispute with an insurance company, hiring a drone roof inspection is a good idea. By recording photographs and video as evidence that your roof is well maintained and in good order you can prove later damage is caused by a storm or other event.

So why don’t all insurance Loss Adjusters simply carry a drone in their car ready to look at hard to access places? To use drones for insurance, an operator must be a CAA approved drone pilot. This involves passing both written and practical flight tests, and ensures an operator understands the laws controlling the use of drones.

As well as photographs and video, drones can capture thermal imaging and be used to produce 3D models for insurance companies. As this technology is adopted and used more in the insurance industry the process of making a claim should become easier and premium costs could be reduced.

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