Drone Wedding Photography Booking Service

Cinematic aerial photography is no longer the reserve of Hollywood movies thanks to drone technology.

Drone wedding photography is now an affordable option, and it’s a stunning way to capture the occasion and make the most of your chosen venue.

With photographers increasingly being asked about aerial photography with drones, many are investing in the equipment and offering it as an add-on service. However, it’s important to check that an operator has approval to offer his services commercially before booking a drone wedding photography service.

Any drone operator in the UK offering services for payment or reward needs approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to do so. There’s no such thing as a drone licence, and CAA approval comes in the form of a Permission For Commercial Operations, or PfCO.

Wedding venues often insist that professional photographers carry Public Liability insurance to protect against damage to property or members of the public. An example would be a guest tripping over a tripod and injuring himself, or a battery charger causing a small fire. Drone wedding photography operators must carry Public Liability insurance to maintain their CAA PfCO, but it’s always worth asking when you enquire about booking

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