Thanks to rapid development of technology,

Professional drone pilot hire is easy. Hundreds of people have been attracted to this exciting new industry, and affordable equipment means that drone hire costs are falling.

Of course price isn’t the only factor in professional drone pilot hire, and there are some important things you need to know.

  • A pilot must have approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate for payment or reward in the UK. There’s no such thing as a drone licence, and approval comes in the form of a PfCO (Permission For Commercial Operations). Hiring an operator without a PfCO means they are operating illegally, and the consequences for you could be serious.

  • There are different types of drones, and not all are suitable for some types of work. The Chinese manufacturer DJI are one of the main producers of drones, and models like the Phantom and Inspire are very popular in the UK. Cheaper drones have poor quality cameras and aren’t suitable for commercial work. Professional drone pilot hire should come with equipment up to the required standard.

  • There are strict rules controlling use of drones in the UK. Drones are still relatively new technology, and legislation is having to catch up and adapt. As well as laws to reduce the risk of accidents, such as keeping a safe distance from crowds, there are laws to protect privacy and nuisance affecting the use of drones. If you want to hire a professional drone pilot to carry out work in a city centre, it can be quite involved. An experienced operator will be able to advise about this type of thing and ensure that flights are carried out safely and within the law.

The number of professional drone pilots for hire in the UK is increasing, but there are still hundreds of illegal operators. Asking questions and checking documentation are good ways to ensure you don’t encourage law breaking.

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