What to Hire an Aerial Photographer?

Up until a couple of years ago, a helicopter or light aircraft were the only options if you wanted to hire an aerial photographer. This made it very expensive, and the cost meant aerial photography was the reserve of television productions.

You can hire an aerial photographer with a drone from around £200. This will cover the costs of a professional, CAA approved drone pilot with equipment capable of delivering high quality results. Cheap drone hire pilots are available, but they are often operating illegally and there can be serious consequences. If you hire an aerial photographer using a drone without insurance, it could end up being a false economy.

Drone Safe Register offers a searchable database of around 370 CAA approved drone pilots offering aerial photography. It’s a quick an easy way to find a legal operator, and the instant drone hire quote facility means you can find a number of options very quickly.

A search of Google is another way to find an aerial photographer, but you’ll need to carry out a few checks to ensure you have the right company for the job. These include –

  • Does the company use pilots with a PfCO from the CAA. This stands for Permission For Commercial Operations, and means a drone operator can legally offer their services for hire

  • Does the company have experience in the type of aerial photography you require? For example, if you’re interested in a drone wedding photographer don’t hire a pilot who specialises in roof inspection work

  • Does the company have the right equipment? If you hire an aerial photographer using a drone they must have the right camera and lenses to produce a professional job

  • Will the company edit video footage for you and what format will they supply the finished job in?

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