DJI Air 3 Drone Operator Hire

There has been a surge of demand for DJI Air 3 drone operator hire as the UK’s drone industry continues to expand. Industry experts predict this will continue with more innovative uses of drone technology being adopted and increased use in established areas such as roof inspections, aerial photography and aerial surveying work. As the technology improves both in terms of safety and data capture ability, demand for drone operators may even outstrip supply.

Interest in DJI Air 3 Drone Operator Hire isn’t surprising given the abilities of this mid-range drone. It may not match the likes of enterprise drones such as the DJI Inspire 3 but for most types of work, the features and functionality aren’t necessary. Yes if you’re looking to produce broadcast-quality footage or work on movies a professional cinema camera drone like the Inspire 3 is a perfect choice, but for other work, the DJI Air 3 is more than capable.

Features that make hiring an Air 3 Drone Operator so popular include...

  • A gimbal-mounted camera unit with two 1/1.3in 48MP CMOS sensors: one with a wide-angle lens and the other with a 3x telephoto lens. The telephoto lens is perfect for things like aerial inspection work. The additional reach and compression of aerial shots is a powerful additional creative tool that can be used to better isolate specific subjects.

  • The 48MP resolution means that images can be cropped without loss of quality

  • State-of-the-art video capture features including 4K recording at up to 100fps for slow-motion purposes and 10-bit D-Log M and HLG picture profiles for greater dynamic range and post-processing colour grading flexibility

  • An incredible battery life of up to 46 minutes. This really makes a difference to how a drone operator works and means a job such as an aerial roof inspection can often be completed in a single flight

  • Side-facing obstacle detection sensors in addition to up, down, front and rear on earlier models. Safety is of course key in drone operation and this new feature makes the DJI Air 3 one of the safest and easiest drones to fly

Whatever type of work you’re looking for, DJI Air 3 Drone Operator Hire could very well be the solution. It’s a highly capable drone in the right hands and is used by professional drone operators for everything from insurance claim work to producing music videos.


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