If you want to hire a drone operator in the UK, you must check that they are working with approval from the Civil Aviation authority.

Otherwise you risk paying for an unsafe pilot without insurance cover. You could also face a hefty fine for hiring an illegal drone operator.

Drones are now being used in a wide range of industries and this trend is growing every day. You can search the Drone Safe Register website for an instant drone hire quote HERE and be confident that you’ll find approved, legal operators.

Hiring a cheap drone operator without CAA approval can be very risky. Always check that a pilot has a PFCO (Permission to Fly Commercial Operations) from the CAA and that they have adequate insurance in place for the project you have.

You may have to pay a little more for a CAA approved drone pilot, but it’s worth the investment to get a safe, professional job. A pilot with a PFCO will most likely have taken a course and studied everything from aviation law to health and safety. He will have taken a written exam to prove he meets the CAA’s required standards and passed a practical flight test.

The CAA’s warnings about hiring illegal drone pilots has been welcomed by the industry. Those who fly by the rules are keen to promote the vast benefits drones can bring and to reduce the risks of accidents. They are professionals investing time and money, not people seizing a ‘get rich quick’ opportunity or way to make some pocket money on the side!


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