How to Search for a Skilled Drone Operator!

With the use of drones becoming more common, you may need to find an operator in your area. Whether it’s to produce aerial photographs to promote a golf club or to carry out a roof inspection for an insurance claim, drones can be very effective in the right hands. Unfortunately, there are many illegal operators and cowboys out to make a fast buck with drone technology, so it’s important to search drone operators carefully.

Some of the things to check when looking at drone hire companies include the following.

  • Are they an approved drone pilot? Anyone using a drone for profit or reward and offering their services to others must have approval to do so from the Civil Aviation Authority. CAA approval comes in the form of a PFCO – Permission to Fly Commercial Operations. This is one of the first things to check when you search drone operators. Hiring a pilot without a PFCO can have very serious implications, including hefty fines.

  • What experience do they have? They type of work you need to hire an approved drone pilot for is another important consideration. If it’s for something straightforward such as aerial photographs of a property, it doesn’t require specific expertise. However, if you need to hire a drone operator to carry out detailed surveys for a construction project you should check if they work in this field and have the necessary equipment.

  • Do they have the right level of insurance? All CAA approved drone pilots are required to carry a minimum amount of Public Liability Insurance. This insures against accidents involving third party damages and injuries, such as a drone colliding with a building. For sonme projects you may need higher levels of insurance protection.

Drone Safe Register’s instant quote facility is a great tool to search drone operators for all kinds of work. All pilots are CAA approved and you can obtain quotes and advice with no obligation.


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