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Tenby and Milford Haven drone hire made easy. Hire a Tenby drone from just £199 with DSR Pro.

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DSR is proud to list some of the UK’s finest UAV (Drone) operators for hire within the UK. All of our members have CAA approval and hold valid commercial insurance at all times.

We are also the safest drone hire platform in the UK. DSR (Drone Safe Register) even display all Pro members PFCO (CAA Permission) and insurance expiry dates at all times.

CAA permissions are issued annually to all UK CAA approved drone operators. If hiring a non DSR pro member, please ensure you always check the pilot or companies paperwork before any flight or payment is made.

Member services include, Property marketing, aerial drone photography, business promo videos, event filming, commercial drone photography and tourism, 

Many of our members now cover the Pembrokeshire, Tenby and Milford Haven area on a daily basis and offer the very best aerial video and photography services. All members film in 4k as standard. (Thats 4 x HD quality)

By visiting our easy to use website you can view our members showreels and check out members pervious work. You can also save time by using DSR’s new instant quote form.

DSR Instant quote provides instant drone hire quotes from up to 4 CAA approved pilots to save you time and money.

Quotes will come from 4 local pilots who know the area very well and direct to your inbox within minutes.

DSR Pro members fly many different types of camera systems. From a DJI Phantom 4 pro to a heavy lift Freefly Alta 8 safely lifting a perfectly balanced RED or Arri Alexa Mini Cinema camera, DSR members cater for all types of aerial work anyone may need.

Unless you insist on flying a certain type of lens, do check out the new DJI Inspire 2 drone fitted with the new X7 super 35mm 6K camera system.

This is now being trusted and used daily within many high end productions. Many of our members fly these for large production companies with amazing results.

Find Ground filming experts and local production companies

Hiring the right drone operator is very important for any project you may have and super smooth footage is something our members specialise in.

Using the very best drone technology, you will be blown away with the data our members can provide you safely from the air.

Remember, a drone can fly to a maximum height of 400ft from take off point.

If you would like to hire one of the UK’s leading drone companies who cover Tenby, Milford Haven or Pembrokeshire? Simply visit the UK’s N0.1 website for drone hire.


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