Last week Drone Safe Register announced that we exclusively partnered with the UK’s leading commercial drone insurer, Coverdrone.

As the UK’s leading DRONE HIRE organisation we teamed up with the UK’s leading commercial DRONE INSURER to add value to joining DSR and help advance the commercial drone industry.

DSR also partnered with Coverdrone because we recognise the exceptional service and value for money that they provide to our members and the wider commercial drone community.

DSR asked our members what their views and experiences of insuring their commercial drones through Coverdrone were.

The verdict?  100% positive feedback from our members.

Here are some of the positive feedback comments from our members:

Coverdrone are a good company to work with. My annual renewal reminder arrived in good time to compare quotes. Took my cover out with Coverdrone for another year. – Helidragon

Coverdrone are always very helpful!  – Aerial News

I have used Coverdrone and so far they have been great, helpful and not too expensive. They have my vote. – Hawkeye Aer


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