This summer, Drone Safe Register  requests anybody looking to hire a drone operator, please hire a safe and legal pilot to be sure that your drone activity is conducted safely.

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Drone Safe Register Drone UK Pilots LegalLet’s be very clear, we are not aiming this at anybody flying their drone for fun or as a hobby.  This is solely aimed at those receiving PAYMENT for their drone work and who are operating without CAA / IAA approvals.

Anybody operating a drone commercially without insurance and approval from the CAA / IAA is breaking the law.  This is not acceptable.  The simple solution is to ensure YOUR pilot is LEGAL.  When HIRING a drone operator simply ask to see a copy of the pilot’s CAA / IAA licence and their commercial insurance certificate.

These documents prove that the drone operator is competent, compliant, safe and legal.  Any pilot that can show you their CAA / IAA licence document means they have passed a safety flight test and they operate in accordance of their operations manual.

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