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As drones transition from being ‘boys toys’ to practical tools for industry, people are asking about different ways they can be used.

Will a drone help inspect my damaged roof is an example.  The answer to that question is very much yes.

Drone roof inspections are becoming very popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, drone inspections are quicker to arrange and cheaper than most alternatives. Secondly, they are less health and safety requirements than for traditional methods such as erecting scaffolding. Another advantage is that a building surveyor or insurance Loss Adjuster can stand with the drone pilot as the aircraft flies and direct him to guide the aerial camera to exactly what he wants to see.

Most damage roofs takes place in storms and cold weather in the winter months, but drone roof inspections are also needed at other times. Faulty installation or poor workmanship is an example. Unfortunately poor standards mean that even newbuild homes sometimes require a drone roof inspection when leaks become apparent. Flat roofs can crack and expand in very warm weather, so this is another time when using a drone to inspect a roof is a good option.

If you’ve ever had to make a claim on your home insurance policy you’ll be aware how difficult and drawn out they can be. If an incident involves a hard to access part of your home, such as a roof or chimney, an insurance claim can take months to progress. This is another time you may ask will a drone help inspect my damaged roof, and again the answer will certainly be less. Some insurance companies are now using drones for claims but it can even be worthwhile hiring your own drone pilot.

A drone roof inspection can cost as little as two hundred pounds. This is the price for a fully insurance CAA approved drone pilot, not a hobby flyer. A friend or relative with a drone may offer to take some aerial shots of your roof with a drone, but think very carefully about the risks involved and whether the quality of photographs will be what you need.

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