There is a constant drive to shrink technology and make it lighter, but not in the world of high-end film making!

Welcome to the world of heavy lift drone hire.

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Aerial film and videography has changed radically over the past few years. Not so long ago helicopters and light aircraft were the only options.

Not only were these expensive and potentially risky, manned aircraft are no where near as manoeuvrable and flexible as a drone piloted by a skilled team.

Hollywood blockbusters now routinely include incredible scenes such as car chases shot from just 5 – 400ft giving you a sense of being right there in the action! We also list camera cars and tracking vehicles which can be found HERE

The Freefly Alta 8 is one of the most popular heavy lift drones used in the UK by high-end film directors. They regularly carry RED or Arri cinema camera systems with full remote focus/iris/zoom control including HD downlinks.

Our UK network of Heavy Lift Drone Experts know all of the limitations and are ready to help with your next production.

The Alta 8 is able to stay in the air for 6-12 minutes depending on the camera and lens package. As the go-to drone for the UK’s best filmmakers it’s the perfect tool for aerial cinematography and can produce stunning 4-8K footage in the hands of our network of skilled operators.

The Freefly Alta 8 is powered by 2 batteries, giving it redundancy in case of power failure.

Flying 100K in the air or around a busy film set should be left to professionals! 


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