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10 01, 2020

The & Heavy Lift Drone Directory For High-End FilmMakers

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There is a constant drive to shrink technology and make it lighter, but not in the world of high-end film making!Welcome to the world of heavy lift drone hire.The UK’s Expert Drone Hire NetworkReceive instant advice and project quotes from the experts HEREAerial film and videography has changed radically over the past few years. Not so long ago helicopters and light aircraft were the only options.Not only were these expensive and potentially risky, manned aircraft are no where near as manoeuvrable and flexible as a drone piloted by a skilled team.Hollywood blockbusters now routinel [...]

28 04, 2023

The Best Cinematography Drone

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The Best Cinematography Drone - DJI Inspire 3The Inspire 2 set a new standard for drone cinematography when it was launched in 2016, and it’s been the choice for many professional operators ever since. But technology has progressed and expectations have risen, so a refresh has been overdue. Fortunately, it doesn’t disappoint, and the 3rd generation Inspire retains the title of best cinematography drone in 2023.It may be beyond the budget of many drone operators, but the Inspire 3 really is in a different class. For general work like aerial photography, surveying and inspection wo [...]