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10 09, 2019

Professional drone services

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Find Professional drone servicesThe insurance industry is an obvious market for professional drone servicesThe insurance industry is an obvious market for professional drone services. The ability to get ‘eyes in the sky’ is ideal at both the risk assessment and underwriting stage and for assessment of damage should a claim occur. The UK insurance market has been slow to adopt drone technology but there are signs it’s being recognised as an option and at Drone Safe Register we are now receiving enquiries.Current solutions for viewing hard to access areas include camera poles, sc [...]

8 09, 2019

The Future of drone Film Making

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Drone Film Making If you’re like us, you’ll be wondering what the future holds for drones.In a recent article we wrote about a few of the benefits of aerial filming, drone usage and we’ve also briefly touched on drone deliveries.We think is pertinent to discuss aerial filming with regard to its future and what this may look like for drone and drone flight.Originally, consumer drones were used by a few aerial filming and aerial photography enthusiasts. It all really started with drone hobbyists.Not overnight, but after a short period of (flight) time, these enthusiasts and drone [...]

3 09, 2019

Aerial Filming Experts For Hire

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The Home Of Aerial Filming ExpertsWith aerial filming the possibilities are endless and those difficult to film situations, tight spots or compact spaces you may want to reach, nothing is more advantageous and we now list hundreds of UK drone experts to help you.Aerial filming has many advantages and nowadays, people are expecting a lot more from each film they plan and produce.instant drone filming quoteshire London based drone operatorsDrone Safe Register is making headway in the UK to encourage the safe and responsible use of drone technology as it increases in the industry.Aerial [...]