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Aerial filming services are available for hire right now from commercial pilots on our professional aerial pilot network, Drone Safe Register. Aerial drone video and film footage can be captured dynamically, allowing you to capture a unique angle and capture the attention of the audience.

With aerial filming the possibilities are endless! Those difficult to film situations, tight spots or compact spaces you wanted to reach are now capturable thanks to our aerial filming experts.

Aerial filming has many advantages and nowadays, people are expecting a lot more from each film they plan and produce.

Drone Safe Register is making headway in the UK to encourage the safe and responsible use of drone technology as it increases in the industry.

Aerial filming or drone usage is a hassle-free way of filming incredible footage enabling you to create amazing content. It provides us with the ability to film on a much larger scale with a far wider reach where the sky is, literally, the limit.

Finding an affordable yet dependable pilot for aerial videography has never been easier thanks to Drone Safe Register. Affordability is critical for small businesses, which is why many of our pilots use the DJI Mini 2, which is not only one of the best drones for videography, but also the cheapest.

Aerial drone filming is a fantastic service that Drone Safe Register members provide for UK customers. Aerial drone video is quickly gaining popularity, with companies all over the country looking to up their game with aerial filming.

Hire an approved Drone Safe Register pilot today for the best aerial filming services!

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