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28 04, 2018

CAA NQE List – Get Trained & find Work

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Finding drone work and opportunities The drone industry is booming in the UK, and the demand for trained, approved pilots is greater than ever.DSR finds well paid work for it’s members.Companies authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to deliver training to commercial drone pilots are called National Qualified Entities or NQE’s. A search of the CAA NQE list is a good starting point if you’re interested in starting a drone business or following a career in the industry.Back in 2013 the CAA list of approved pilots had only 117 names. There are now over 4,000! There are s [...]

27 04, 2018

CAA approved drone operators

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CAA approved drone operators for hire Safe use of drones is underpinned by UK law. The regulations are set out in the Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO 2016), and there are specific rules for anyone using a drone for commercial purposes.CAA approved drone operators are required to take an exam to prove they understand the relevant laws and can operate safely and within them.We are proudly the UK’s largest network of CAA approved drone operators. We have pilots for hire nationwide.The relevant sections of legislation are –Article 241 – endangering safety of any person or property. [...]

17 04, 2018


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IS THIS DRONE PILOT PROPER?Use this checklist to ensure the pilot(s) you are hiring for paid work are operating within the law, they have a current permission and are properly insured to fly drones. PfCO Certificate: Check the name matches and it is in date.Any professional operator will have this available to show you – and will be happy to do so. Be sure to check the expiry date on page two. Ask them what their CAA licence number is, and look it up to check it’s validity in this document. Be sure to have sight of the actual certificate and check expiry dates against those liste [...]