CAA approved drone operators for hire

Safe use of drones is underpinned by UK law.

The regulations are set out in the Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO 2016), and there are specific rules for anyone using a drone for commercial purposes.

CAA approved drone operators are required to take an exam to prove they understand the relevant laws and can operate safely and within them.

We are proudly the UK’s largest network of CAA approved drone operators. We have pilots for hire nationwide.

The relevant sections of legislation are –

  • Article 241 – endangering safety of any person or property. This is intended to prevent anyone using a drone recklessly and causing an accident or injury. Even more serious is the potential for someone to cause an accident with a manned aircraft. In practise this means keeping safe distances from people and property not under control of the drone pilot.

  • Article 94. This sets out a number of rules, again specifically addressing risk and safety issues. Examples include maintaining unaided visual contact with a drone during flight and not flying within specified classes of airspace without the permission of air traffic control. Article 94 also specifies that only CAA approved drone operators can use their aircraft for commercial operations.

  • Article 95 – small unmanned surveillance aircraft. This defines what a ‘small unmanned aircraft’ actually is, and what is meant by a ‘commercial operation.’ Article 95 is particularly relevant for anyone interested in drone hire in the UK, as a pilot must work to these rules.

Some recreational pilots feel that the regulations of drone are too restrictive, but they are there to ensure safety and protect privacy. Commercial operators keep up to date with legislation and ensure that they run their businesses within the law.

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